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Carbon Capture Journal and newsletter arrives on the desks and PCs of 8,000 carbon capture professionals, all of whom have personally filled in the registration form. This means that everything published is requested and the mailing list is perhaps the best carbon capture and storage mailing list in the world.

By region, our circulation is 35% in North America, 24% in North Europe, 12% in West Europe, 9% in East Asia, 6% in Australasia, 4% in South Europe, 4% in Southern Asia, 2% in East Europe, 2% in South East Asia.

Print subscribers 2,000
Digital subscribers 8,000

Full Page £3,995
Half Page £2,995
Quarter Page £1,995

Website Banner £1,950
Newsletter Banner £2,000

Phone: + 44 (0) 208 150 5293

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